Monday, May 16

We're NOT crooks doowop doowop We're not CROOKS yabba dabba We got you goin in circles doowop

Vladimir "Lips" Zhirinovsky, "Gorgeous" George Galloway, David B. "Bunny" Chalmers, and Charles "Poofdaddy" Pasqua practicing for their American Idol audition.

Simon to Paula: Who told them there was a Four Tops-barber shop quartet-Frank Sinatra soundalike category?

Paula to Simon: Probably the ABC Primetime crew.

Randy: (Wrapping his head in a towel) Okay dogs, you got 15 seconds.

"Doowop Doowop doop doop diddy/
Talk about the boys from Ripoff City/
Talk to our bankers we ain't signed nothin/
Talk to our lawyers we ain't seen nothin/
O we're the same old song/
Just a diff'rent meaning with the billions gone/
So here is our love song, not fancy or fine/
We got you goin in circles/
And we did it ouuuuur waaaaaaaaaaay/

If you can stand it, here's today's news on the Oil for Food Shakedown investigation. Tomorrow, Gorgeous George faces off against Norm Coleman at the US Senate. Standing Room Only.


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