Sunday, November 4

The Witness Tree

John Loftus has a gift for telling war yarns and when he recounts incidents he dug up while he was a Nazi war crimes investigator for the Justice Department, he's spellbinding. He doesn't get much chance to reminisce during his radio show, but last Wednesday he and Brendan Howley chatted about the background to their work on their just-published novel, The Witness Tree.

So there were some war stories. My favorite was the one about British assassins throwing American businessmen out windows. The Americans were profiting off the Nazi war machine, at a time when Britain was under German bombardment.

If you want to know more of the story, I guess you'll have to access the podcast archive for the Wednesday show. It'll cost you five bucks to sign up for a month of access the archives if you don't already have a subscription. Have fun!

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