Thursday, May 22

Barack Obama's candidacy as a take on The Picture of Dorian Gray

Since January, when I first turned my attention to Barack Obama, I had built up my mental picture of him from his relationship with Tony Rezko and Rezko's associates. To my mind he was a crook who had been shrewd enough up to that point to avoid a criminal charge.

From that viewpoint I tended to look at Obama's relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright as a cynical strategy to help Rezko and other crooks financially exploit Chicago's Black community.

My picture of Obama took a hit last month when I studied Stephen Diamond's revelations about the Obama-Ayers relationship. Yet as late as yesterday I clung to the belief that if Obama made it to the White House Ayers's influence on him would be limited to education policy.

The belief crumbled this afternoon when I read the post that Diamond put out today on his blog. Diamond has hurled so much interrelated data into the post that when coupled with the very understated title, The "Monster in the Room": Does Obama Support Reparations? , he poses a problem for those who want to summarize his points.

Yet by the time I finished wending my way through his recap of the roots of the Ayers-Obama relationship (and his taking the MSM to task for ignoring his research), his summary of the Forum for Education and Democracy and reparations for Black descendents of slaves, I found myself staring blankly at the computer screen in a kind of frozen panic.

When my brain could work again I heard myself blurt, "It's like The Picture of Dorian Gray! The ruddy bastard isn't a crook, he's William Ayers in blackface!"

I hasten to add that Diamond is not a scaremonger. He isn't trying to scare anyone; he's being tenacious. He's got his questions about Obama's relationships with Ayers & Co. and he won't let go of them. But the net effect of his somewhat dry revelations about mostly educational matters evokes a variation of Oscar Wilde's horror story.

What emerges from Dr Diamond's analysis is that Barack Obama has never been a "blank slate," as so many commentators have portrayed him. He's a blank slate only for people who are not well informed about the authoritarian Leftist faction that William Ayers represents. The terror of the situation is that such people make up a majority of the American electorate.

Diamond is well informed on the authoritarian Left, so it's a national tragedy that he didn't begin his discussion of Barack Obama a year ago.

I strongly urge readers to study Diamond's latest post and follow the links he provides. Then think about the implications of the mainstream media's refusal to deal with Diamond's research on the Ayers-Obama relationship.

Writing off the refusal as 'liberal bias' would be sticking your head in the sand. To understand why, study Operation Board Games. The crime and corruption of the "Chicago Combine" is a bipartisan affair that reaches outside Chicago, all the way to Washington, DC.

Despite my shocked outburst, it's closer to the truth to say that Barack Obama's part in the Combine pales in seriousness next to his involvement with William Ayers's faction. Yet the criminal element represented by the Combine is no light matter. By the time it's all sorted out in the courts many politicians, on both sides of the political aisle, will have much to answer for.
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