Monday, June 30

John Batchelor Show returns to WMAL radio in Washington, DC

Greater Washington, DC residents who are long-time fans of John Batchelor got a treat last night, when 630 WMAL-AM began broadcasting the first two hours of John's Sunday show.

WMAL listeners had to switch to WABC-77 AM radio online streaming from New York to hear the third hour. Then switch to KFI-640 AM streaming from Los Angeles to pick up the last three hours of the show.

All this running around could be ended if John's show was simply restored to three hours five nights a week at WABC, WMAL, and other stations around the US that are part of Citadel.

That complaint registered, it was great to hear John on WMAL again; three cheers for the station's program director!


Anonymous said...

I appreciated the interview John Batchelor did several days ago regarding with an author who did a book called ".....Identity" regarding the CIA. Can you give me any more information about the author and title of that book.
Thank you.

Pundita said...

The book is "Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change (The Changing Face of War)" by Michael Vlahos.

Vlahos has been a guest on John's show for years, on and off. In recent months he's been a regular guest on Batchelor's Saturday show.

The conversation about the CIA you're probably referring to took place on January 9 during the 10-11 PM segment. You can download the podcast for the conversation or simply listen to it from the 77 WABC website; see John's archive page at WABC.

I note that "Fighting Identity" is not specifically about the CIA (see the reviews); it's just that Vlahos is very knowledgeable about intelligence/military matters and John and he were discussing the CIA that night with relation to the Afghanistan campaign.

Also see the Saturday schedule at John's website, which sometimes posts very late on Sat or even on Sunday (because he generally publishes the weekend schedules together) to learn whether Vlahos will be a guest this Saturday.