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Sunday, January 22


Starting with the "Moo Shu Pakistan" essay I've published seven posts since around 4:30 ET on Friday morning; I've been driven by a sense of foreboding about the situation in Afghanistan. But I have to stop now. And the way my schedule is stacking up for next week I might not even have time to check my emails at the Pundita address until Tuesday night. So if you post a comment don't look for it to be published before then because I have to moderate all comments.

In the meantime I suggest you carefully read this post at Long War Journal about NATO's lack of frankness about the number of NATO troops that have been killed by Afghan soldiers since 2009, and Sarkozy's threat to pull all French troops out of Afghanistan in the wake of the murder of French military trainers by an Afghan soldier on Friday.

The latest news (from today) is that Sarkozy is arguing with the U.S. command about whether he has the right to withdraw French troops. He is not playing. He is furious.

Maybe his famous temper will be a help in this instance if he manages to light a fire under Obama, who is refusing to confront the reality that his announcement of a set date for troop withdrawal from A'stan and attempts to negotiate with 'Taliban' have given Pakistan's regime and the various terrorist factions operating in Afghanistan a huge advantage, which they are using to the hilt.

All right; signing off, and probably until Tuesday night.

Best regards to all,

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