Saturday, July 2

When varmits fall out: UK Guardian blasts Schroeder's poor ethics

"While The Guardian and Gerhard Schroeder may be ideological soulmates, the newspaper's editors are critical of the German Chancellor's shenanigans:
Gerhard Schröder has always been a corner cutter, a politician ready to jettison rules and precedents when they do not suit him. He did it with the stability pact, and with Germany's relationship with the United States over Iraq, in both cases because he thought it would gain him votes, even though the latter decision, at least, was certainly the right one for Germany.

Now he is doing it..."
click here here to read the rest of the report and Marc Schulman's comments at American Future.

Yes, this is the same Guardian newspaper that called for the assassination of President Bush, tried to make the editorial disappear when they realized Drudge had gotten hold of it, failed, then had to print an apology -- a mealy-mouthed, whimpering one.

But let us not rake up the past. Pundita is just trying to understand how the Guardian can huff at Schroeder's ethics in the same breath that conveys it's okay to break a pact with a close ally.

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