Monday, September 5

Offers of disaster relief to the United States to aid Katrina victims

Bruce Kesler has written an article that covers several points about aid to the US. Pundita strongly agrees with his advice that the US should consider accepting all offers:
American government and private individuals and organizations of prominence should be task-forced to work out arrangements with all the offerers, including those like Cuba and Venezuela and Iran normally hostile toward the U.S.

If some are false, they will be embarrassed and revealed, and meanwhile the sincere majority will be encouraged perhaps to be even more forthcoming now and in the future elsewhere. An “international zone” might even be created, with facilities and communications, to facilitate other nations and international organization’s help.
The entire article is worth the read; it can be found at:

under the September 5 heading Luck Beckons the Bush Administration.

I would add additional reasons for accepting all offers but as my arguments include unkind remarks about the US Department of State, I will let things stand with Bruce's observations; this in deference to the tragedy still unfolding in Louisiana.

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