Thursday, October 13

Governing in the age of megapopulations

Pundita 2005 essays (listed in order of publication) exploring problems of governing megapopulations and the implications for US foreign policy.

Stuck at the Intersection of Government and the Mass Age series

Is there a traffic engineer in the house?
Applying principles of large scale systems design to governing megapopulations.

Your village called, they're missing an idiot
Making government more responsive to new challenges.

Foreign policy and large scale systems

Seeking a field of large scale systems design
"This mystical blend of analytic and qualitative thinking about the problems of government" A decision analyst weighs in.

Getting unstuck from the intersection of government and the Mass Age

Pundita struggles to define scope of issues
Discussion with Michael Wright.

Dial 311
One tactic for getting unstuck that's already met with resounding success.

Related essays

How do you run a government when the voters are smarter than you?
What happens when a large segment of society is more knowledgeable than civil servants and elected officials?

The Elephant in the World's Living Room
Thinking in terms of a large-scale systemic problem. How did so many governments in so many diverse cultures, and with such diverse histories, end up plain crooks during this era?

"There is no box"
Bringing real democracy to world's rural peoples.

Fire up the cell phone, gather round the radio
Not by any one way does democracy come to the rural developing world.

Force vs Power and China's costly cyberwar
Horror story about incompetents running government.

A few words in praise of incompetents and their archenemies
A Boston Tea Party brewing in California: another sign that Americans are tired of mismanagement in government.

The End of Ignorance
As global communications spread in the poorer countries, a larger number of the world's population gets involved in disaster relief. Heartening implications for governing in the age of megapopulations.

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