Saturday, March 17

Bill Roggio's reporting on Iraq

I don't know how Bill Roggio does it, and does it so well, year after year, day after day, but if you want to keep up-to-date on the Iraq theater of war, visit The Fourth Rail.

Bill's daily "Roggio Report" is now being published at the Weekly Standard. You might have to scroll down the WS page if you're following the link to the daily report from The Fourth Rail. But any which way you can, reading the reports is well worth the effort; they give a more complete (and often very different!) view of Iraq operations than the MSM.

On a personal note, Bill is one of those blogging reporters whose dedication and high standards have been an ongoing source of inspiration for me. Many times I have considered throwing in the towel -- and as recently as this morning -- but after a visit to Bill's blog, I say to myself, "Stop whining and start typing."

If you're new to Bill's reporting, here are a few links to get you started: Daily Iraq Report For March 16.

Al Qaeda's Chlorine Attacks: The Dirty War in Anbar.

Signs in Sadr City.

The Battle of Diyala.

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