Wednesday, May 16

High intrigue

For readers who are still not convinced that the issue of the World Bank presidency isn't terribly important, read on. Keep in mind that World Bank President is the go-to website not only for news surrounding the Wolfowitz Affair but also for World Bank insider intelligence reports on the matter.

The affair is building to a crescendo with rumors flying this afternoon that Wolfy is throwing in the towel; meanwhile the tiger he has for an attorney continues in pouncing mode.

So I have a vision of World Bank board members gathered around a computer with a Hacking for Dummies book propped open under the monitor. But the attack could have come from other factions including Wolfy's camp, or even a media outlet that smells blood in the water and doesn't want Wolfowitz's departure from the Bank to be scooped by a website......

4:08 PM, EDT
Our website is down. Our hosting company says it's almost certainly a denial of service attack. The pattern of activity is very suspicious.
Best from Britain,
Alex Wilks
World Bank President "

6:36 PM
Dear Alex:
Just opened your email and raced to your site; relieved that it's back up. If it happens a second time, Pundita will set up howl.

6:55 PM
"Thanks v much. We're back as you say and planning to stay that way (took off all graphics, for one thing).

Re the graphics remark -- so you think it might have been a technical glitch?? Or still suspicious?

No, still totally suspicious. The attackers were apparently hitting our graphics folder - fastest way to get us off.

Ah ha! This calls for a Pundita post. The TV set with a question mark is still on your front page; Pundita is very ignorant of such matters but that's a graphic; right?

"Pundita, you're spot on re what is a graphic. But it's weird if you see that right now on your version of our site. I have not seen the TV screen since we came back live. Firefox gives a 'spacer spacer, spacer' notice, with just the word TV. IE gives a placeholder for a graphic but not the graphic. Please refresh your browser.

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