Friday, November 16

Pundita screwed up yesterday's post

Perhaps I can blame this on Blogger gremlins. Or perhaps Soros hired a black magician to put the whammy on Mark Almond and me. It was probably just brain furballs but we take no chances here in Punditaland. I have squirted demon repellent around the keyboard and computer screen.

Anyhow, I somehow dropped a few sentences and the links to Almond's two essays on his blog when I copied them to Blogger. I have corrected the post, which now reads:

[...] I came across a new blog by Mark Almond (H/T Slate), whose writing on Georgia for the International Herald I featured in yesterday's post.

The blog has only got two posts so far -- one titled Georgia: The strange silence of George Soros, which discusses Soros's part in Georgia's Rose Revolution and his silence in the face of the Georgia government's trammeling of democracy.

The second post is titled Black Roses: Georgia's reformers fall out. [...]

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