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Friday, January 25


An American sent me an email titled "I am not tired of Section 13" -- this, in response to my observation the other day that some Americans readers of this blog felt like screaming if they had to read another word on the topic. The writer added, "Not after reading about MR. STEACY."

Ah yes, the interesting Mr Steacy, the Canadian who asserted in testimony about his work as a human rights violation investigator that freedom of speech is an "American value."

I will be writing again about matters related to Section 13 of Canada's Human Rights Act because they have direct bearing on censorship of war-related news and discussion. But for now, the talk about censorship has reminded me that I should discuss where to find good comprehensive reporting on the war. That is the subject of the post I'll be publishing later today.

My advice won't come as a big surprise to readers who have been closely following this blog for years. But it will be a help for readers around the world who despair of the amount of time they need to invest, if they want to stay well-informed on the war. There are time-savers available.
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