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Tuesday, June 3

Day Two of the Kangaroo Court trial of Maclean's Magazine. Lights! Camera! Entropy!

Free Mark Steyn! has links to all the highlights, all the blogging, all the horror, all the hilarity --

Mark Steyn, whose fate in the Canadian press hangs in the balance of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal's foregone conclusion, reports that things got off to a roaring start on Day Two:
With their usual low cunning, the “human rights” sheikhs chose a courtroom that only seats 40 people so a big crowd (including CBC reporters) were wedged up peering through the glass in the door until the head sheikh (a judge best known for fining the Knights of Columbus for declining to rent their hall for a lesbian wedding) said the pressed faces of the people were distracting her and shooed them away.

Typical. A third-rate bureaucracy that tells everyone from McDonald’s to Maclean’s magazine how to run their affairs can’t even organize a show trial with minimal competence.
From Andrew Coyne's minute-by-minute liveblogging coverage (he squeezed into the kangaroom):
Day Two: A Day That Will Live in Entropy. The tribunal enters. There’s a little ritual that plays out each time: the two contending sides, and some of the spectators, rise, as you would for a real judge in a real court. The rest of us stay seated, in silent protest.
Ezra Levant (a lawyer) is of course having a ball covering the shenanigans, having posted at last count 2.4 million blogs about Day Two.

Now aren't you glad that back in January I picked up on the story of the century and stayed with it? Only those Americans who have been closely following the unfolding drama all these months can fully appreciate what's been happening today in a hearing room in British Columbia.

According to one observer, a New York Times reporter who showed up at Day One of the inquisition suffered severe cognitive dissonance and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

How long have we got before something like Section 13 comes our way? If leftists take more seats in the US Congress and Barack Obama takes the White House, we have maybe two years.

By that time Canadians may have routed Section 13 and all the clanking, whirring, buzzing bureaucratic machinery that accompanies it, and herded all the kangaroos to a nature preserve.
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