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Wednesday, February 18

Sea Blogger

Welcome Sea Blogger readers, and a thank you to Sea Blogger's author, Alan Sullivan, for his comments. How I wish I were on Norman Island. Sigh.
Please let Alan know, when we click on his site, we get redirected to an unfamiliar URL, and there is a message "This account is suspended, please contact billing department." I believe it is malicious and could be a cyber attack.
Steve, thanks for letting me know. I wrote Alan as soon as I saw your comment and found that I got the same message when I tried the site.

He replied, "This is incompetence by my webhost. A confusion about billing. I am trying to get it resolved."

I've seen those kind of messages before from a webhost, and it usually is a stupid mix-up, so hopefully his site will be back up soon.

FYI here's his email: seablogger@gmail.com
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