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Friday, October 2

Memo to Valerie Jarrett: Get the hell out of Washington

I've lost count of the number of times Valerie Jarrett's dizzy advice to her dear 'baby brother' President Barack Obama has gotten egg all over his face. But with the Olympics stunt she's managed to get egg all over the nation's face, and reinforce the image of The Ugly American Cubed that Hillary Clinton presented in China and Africa.

I don't want to hear it's a 'save' that President Obama met with General Stanley McChrystal for 25 minutes aboard Air Force One in Copenhagen. Mr Obama would have gone to Copenhagen whether or not he could have met with the general.

Worse, Jarrett is so much enjoying her power-tripping in the White House that she couldn't keep her mouth shut. She had to tell the Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet that "an apt comparison to Chicago's IOC campaign would be the Iowa caucus," by way of defending Obama's intervention with the IOC.

No it wouldn't be an apt comparison, you hare-brained hayseed. Everyone knew that South America was long overdue as an Olympics host. The whole world knew with the exception of Oprah and Jarrett.

So while it's not unheard of for a national leader to make a personal appeal to the IOC, in this case and at this particular juncture -- during which Brazil along with other BRIC countries is having to clean up the mess the Federal Reserve made -- it was awful form for an American President to butt his nose in.

I also don't want to hear that Jarrett wasn't the one who twisted Obama's arm to make a personal pitch for Chicago; of course she did it. The upshot was that his Iowa caucus style of campaigning looked exactly as it was: an American President throwing his weight around, using his popularity in an attempt to embarrass the IOC into giving the 2010 Olympics venue to Chicago.

Memo to President Obama: Try that kind of stunt one more time and see how quickly your popularity evaporates within the 'global community.'

I understand that Mr Obama and the First Lady are very attached to Jarrett and that she's given them great moral support during their transition period to the White House. Ding ding ding! Transition time's up! Time for Ms Jarrett to take herself back to Chicago.

And by the way she's welcome to take Hillary Clinton with her. Why Mr Obama hasn't yet told Ms Clinton to resign is beyond me. I keep getting complaints from readers that I've not been addressing foreign policy issues since Mr Obama came to office. It's because I'm too busy spitting hayseeds out of my mouth every time I study the doings at State. Ptweh! Pteweh! Go! Go! In the name of God, go! Out of Washington, the two of you! Shoo!
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