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Thursday, January 14

Aaron Klein gets his own radio show! Take that, Gorgeous George!

I'm very happy to report that the intrepid Aaron Klein, investigative journalist, World Net Daily's Jerusalem bureau chief, and for years a regular contributor about Middle Eastern affairs for the John Batchelor Show, will be hosting a two-hour radio show of his own.

The show will broadcast from Jerusalem this Sunday the 17th. Air time: 4:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern time on 77 WABC-AM radio, the New York City station with the largest reach in the U.S. The show can also be heard online here at the WABC website.

Aaron will be taking questions from the audience. The call-in number to speak with him on air is 1-800-848-WABC or 800-848-9222.

The show will focus on Aaron's investigations into the Obama administration and also report on the latest U.S. and world news -- I assume with emphasis on Middle Eastern affairs and terrorism issues.

Aaron is the author of two books: Schmoozing With Terrorists: From Hollywood to the Holy Land, Jihadists Reveal Their Global Plans — to a Jew! (2007) and The Late Great State of Israel: How Enemies Within and Without Threaten the Jewish Nation's Survival (2009).

During the 2008 presidential campaign Aaron and John (whose show also broadcasts on WABC) conducted a WABC radio interview with a senior Hamas official who praised then-candidate Barack Obama. The interview made world headlines and became a dominant theme of the election campaign.

Batchelor listeners will remember that in 2005 John and Aaron had an adventure when they received permission to broadcast a show from Syria then learned Aaron was denied entry because he was Jewish. In solidarity John made a grand scene and refused to enter Syria. The show was broadcast instead from Amman, Jordan, where John and Aaron sat around and told the world what happened to them, embarrassing the heck out of Syria's government.

Those two had other adventures in that part of the world in the course of broadcasting John's show, and 'adventure' is Aaron's middle name. There was the time (Gorgeous) George Galloway threw Aaron out of his office and accused him of being a Zionist agent when Aaron referred to Hamas as a terrorist organization.

That would be the same Gorgeous George who was caught lying under oath to a U.S. Senate subcommittee, and who inspired my little musical tribute in 2005. So, in honor of Aaron's debut as a radio show host, I'll republish the tribute here. If you're not familiar with the rest of the quartet -- no matter; they're all rascals.

Vladimir "Lips" Zhirinovsky, "Gorgeous" George Galloway, David B. "Bunny" Chalmers, and Charles "Poofdaddy" Pasqua practicing for their American Idol audition:

'We're NOT crooks doo-wop doo-wop! We're not CROOKS yabba dabba! We got you goin in circles doo-wop!'

Simon to Paula: Who told them there was a Four Tops - Barber Shop Quartet - Frank Sinatra Soundalike category?

Paula to Simon: Probably the ABC Primetime crew.

Randy: (Wrapping his head in a towel) Okay dogs, you got 15 seconds.

'Doo-wop Doo-wop doop doop diddy
Talk about the boys from Ripoff City!
Talk to our bankers we ain't signed nothin
Talk to our lawyers we ain't seen nothin
O we're the same old song
Just a diff'rent meaning with the billions gone!
So here is our love song, not fancy or fine
We got you goin in circles
And we did it ouuuuur waaaaaaaaaaay

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