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Sunday, November 7

John Batchelor's analysis of President Obama's visit to India, and a few words about Mughalistan

Well. I was waiting for John Batchelor's show tonight to see how far he had gotten toward figuring out what President Obama said today about Pakistan to the students at St. Xavier's College in Mumbai. I see from his website that I don't need to wait. Now if I can only stop laughing long enough to post what he wrote this will be my personal triumph for the week.
Scolding Jihad
by John Batchelor

The past days POTUS scolded India with the same unearned experience of the world that he uses in the US to no purpose. Electing a POTUS with no experience of office is not nearly as extreme as electing a POTUS with no experience in human affairs. POTUS knows Oahu, some parts of Manhattan (now out of date because gentrified) and Hyde Park. POTUS takes this narrow discernment to the most critical of all democracies and uses it to scold the India Parliament that it must get along with the failed state of Pakistan.

Upon what is POTUS basing his measure? Did POTUS read it in a briefing paper, or did Val Jarrett rehearse his palaver?

POTUS represents the defeated Democratic Congress. The seat he occupied in the Senate is gone to the GOP. The Speaker he depended upon is now an insurgent in her own party. POTUS wins 28% of the white vote in the USA, which is an electoral college wipe-out unless he transforms his cant.

He scolds India for regarding Pakistan as a vandal? Now the POTUS Schoolmaster act moves to Indonesia. This will be slight irony -- returning to the scene of his Moslem flirtation before he became what a Democratic op tells me is a "radical atheist." Or what is more properly understood as a Bishop of Golf.

Jihad Repositioned

What the heck does this mean, when POTUS is asked about jihad by some snarky Xavier (a 140-year-old Jesuit-Catholic school to be sure) boys and girls: When is religious war undistorted?

"I think all of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence towards innocent people that is never justified. And so, I think, one of the challenges that we face is how do we isolate those who have these distorted notions of religious war."
Another way to reply to the student's question would be to say that it's not religion when the goal is to make India disappear through the use of a census based on religious affiliation. That is what the "few extremists" in Pakistan's military have in mind for India. The envisioned end result is called Mughalistan or Mugalstan: Muslims drive out Indians of other religions from an Indian state or region, then demand that on the basis of their religious majority they should have their own 'nation.'

They pulled that crap in Kashmir and the Indian government foolishly went along. The upshot was millions of internally displaced non-Muslim Indians and the autonomous region of 'Indian' Kashmir, where only Muslim 'Indians' are allowed to own property or land.

In other words, Pakistan's goal for India is to reduce a nation to a bunch of emirates controlled from Rawalpindi. As to how far they've gotten with their plan, here is part of a post from 2006 at a Pakistan military defense site on the Mughalistan strategy. Note where Afghanistan fits into the scheme:
MUGHALSTAN is the Muslim response to Hindu Rashtra. Envisaging an united Islamic homeland stretching from Sind to Bengal via Kashmir, it is the very antithesis of Hindutva. No, we Muslims are not going to go to Pakistan as the Brahmins command. Instead we will break India once more and re-unite with our brethren in Pakistan and Bangladesh to form the greatest nation of the world - Mughalstan, "The Land of Mughal-Muslims". Mughalstan is "Greater Pakistan", or "Pakistan No. 2". In other words, Mughalstan is "India's Bosnia" - a nation within a nation. Mughalstan will Inshallah consist of the following coterminous territories:

PAKISTAN comprising Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Sindh.
BANGISTAN or Greater Bangladesh, comprising modern Bangladesh, southern Assam and the surrounding Muslim-dominated regions.
KHALISTAN, the Sikh Nation of Sufi Muslims. The Sikhs or Nanakshahis are followers of the Muslim Sufi saint Nanak Shah; hence Khalistan is a natural part of Mughalstan.
ROHILSTAN, northern Uttar Pradesh or `Rohilkhand', with a 60 % Muslim population.
MALWASTAN or Malwa in Madhya Pradesh.
BIHARISTAN comprising the Muslim-dominated regions formerly known as `Magadha' in southern Bihar, and of course.
KASHMIR, the Crown of Mughalstan.

Each of these regions individually possesses Mughal-Muslim population exceeding 50 %, and hence these regions justifiably belong to Islamic Mughalstan instead of Brahmin-Occupied Hindu Rashtra.

The population of the resulting Mughalstan homeland is obtained by adding the Muslim populations of Pakistan, Bangladesh and North India, and subtracting the populations for Brahmavarta, Rajputana, Bhojpur and Brahuiland, which are envisaged independant ethnic nations. Using the latest population figures, one obtains

70% Mughal-Muslim
03% Vaidik-Brahmins
05% Vaishya-Vaishnavite
15% Sudroid-Shaivite
05% Rajput-Saura
02% Portuguese-Christian and others.

Since 70% of Mughalstan's population is Muslim, Mughalstan belongs to us by birthright. The term `Mughal-Muslim' is analogous to the conventional ethnographic terms `Anglo-Saxon Protestant', `Sinhala-Buddhist' or `Russian-Orthodox'. Since each of these peoples have independant nations, it follows that the Mughal-Muslims deserve a homeland as well. [...]
That's what's out there, folks. Not officially, of course, but that's the plan; that's what Pakistan's army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani means when he says he's "India-centric." So former CIA official and White House advisor Bruce Riedel is not entirely correct when he calls Kayani a "liar." He's referring only to Kayani's rationalizations about why Pakistan's military won't deal with terrorist organizations that Rawalpindi controls. Kayani has actually been pretty frank in stating his goal. And Pakistan's military has no intention of stopping with breaking up India into emirates.

That is what the government of the United States of America and U.S. military brass such as Admiral Mike Mullen are supporting, every time they cave into extortion demands from Pakistan's military, and every time they give official cover to Pakistan's regime. Is there no way to divest these fools of the idea that if they cut off their fingers and feed them to a tiger it won't make a meal of them? Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, take note.

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