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Sunday, January 15

Is Hakeemullah Mehsud dead again?

He's been killed so many times I think Long War Journal's Bill Roggio has lost count lolsnort don't laugh Pundita it's not funny and don't snort when you laugh it's not ladylike.

Well, if he really was killed in a U.S. drone strike on January 12, we can surmise that information from Pakistani intelligence on his likely whereabouts is the reason Rawalpindi suddenly relented and allowed the U.S. to resume drone strikes, and we can assume Rawalpindi will reopen the border crossings to NATO supply convoys within the next few hours or days, as their way of saying thank you for ridding them of a serious enemy. See the link at LWJ for details of the rumors about Hakeemullah's latest death.

As to whether a dead Hakeemullah would solve anything for Pakistan's military or for the United States -- no, and the next version of Hakeemullah could be even worse. Hakeemullah and the Pakistanis he led (or leads) have very serious and legitimate issues with the brutality of Pakistan's military but no legal recourse to protest.

But three guesses the first two don't count who would take the most blame for another Hakeemullah. That would be Uncle Sam. So what part of "Stay out the Bazaar" does Washington's defense establishment not understand?


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