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Monday, July 16

Thank you, Riehl World View

Dan Riehl at Riehl World View linked to my post today (I don't care that Egyptians threw tomatoes at Hillary Clinton) and delivered this on-target introduction:
What's a few tomatoes, when Americans are being killed?

Unlike our mainstream media, Pundita seems a bit more upset over Americans being killed, than a couple tomatoes hitting a car. Is that so wrong?
Dan is the kind of person I'd want at my side in a trench. What am I saying? Going up against Washington on the matter of its support for Pakistan's military is already a form of trench warfare. Thanks, Dan.

Yes, why does this not upset people more?

Our institutional ideas about strategy mean that institutions view fealty to a certain national strategy as overcoming these concerns.

But that is obscene when not in an actual existential war.
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