Sunday, June 30

How PRISM interfaces with internet providers: Like pus from a lanced boil the revelations keep oozing out. Uck.

The Washington Post released the data earlier today.  Here's the link to the report, and here are a few paragraphs from the the Guardian's summary of the report:

The Washington Post has released four previously unpublished slides from the NSA's PowerPoint presentation on Prism, the top-secret programme that collects data on foreign surveillance targets from the systems of nine participating internet companies.

The newly published top-secret documents, which the newspaper has released with some redactions, give further details of how Prism interfaces with the nine companies, which include such giants as Google, Microsoft and Apple. According to annotations to the slides by the Washington Post, the new material shows how the FBI "deploys government equipment on private company property to retrieve matching information from a participating company, such as Microsoft or Yahoo and pass it without further review to the NSA".

The new slides underline the scale of the Prism operation, recording that on 5 April there were 117,675 active surveillance targets in the programme's database. They also explain Prism's ability to gather real-time information on live voice, text, email or internet chat services, as well as to analyse stored data.


As to whether the Washington Post report or any report such as the Guardian's summary about the Post revelations made it onto Google News today -- not to my knowledge, and I've checked there on and off all day.

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