Friday, September 27

Thank God for Bach

Whatever possessed me to take on the chore of explaining the new era in plain  English?  Next time, Pundita, why don't you try something simple, like organizing an expedition to Mars?  My poor brain; all it wants to do is go outside and play.  The only way I'm keeping it from staging a rebellion is by piping in Johann Sebastian Bach's compositions. Such an orderly man. Such an orderly life. Do you know why Bach  lived an orderly life? Because he was smart. He never took on more than he could chew.

Yet what use is whining at this stage?  In the immortal words of Dave Ronfeldt, onward.  Where's the link to his blog?   But then I'm sick of links; I have them piled to the ceiling.  It's the Two Theories Blog. Why not four theories?  Awright, Pundita, don't take out your bad mood on Dave.  Do you know what people are doing right now my city, in Washington, DC?  Smart people?  They're sitting in outdoor cafes, sipping margaritas and enjoying the glorious Indian summer evening. 

[flipping a pen in the air]


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