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Monday, February 23


Last of three surgical procedures this month on Friday.  There will be more procedures, different ones, later this year.  Three different conditions in my right leg, all connected and contributing to each other.  I'll live but there's been a lot of pain since January.  Less pain now, after the procedure on Friday.  At the end of it all I hope to walk normally again after more than a year of being crippled. 

I hid it from people, even my doctor, until I couldn't walk anymore without hanging onto something don't you dare laugh Pundita it's not a damn bit funny.  It was actually two years I hid it. [laughing] Okay, maybe a little longer than that. It was a tactical triumph while it lasted.

What can I say?  Some people are just born hating disorder more than death, but if one doesn't die then eventually one has deal with a lot of disorder that piles up.   

Now where was I?  The marijuana industry.  But first I guess a few words about war. Here we go again.

My goodness, Pundit! Take care of yourself.
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