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Syrian Christians return from Europe as their towns safe again

The Syrian businessman who's quoted in the following report is jumping the gun just a bit when it comes to the liberation of the ancient Assyrian Christian city of Qaryateyn (which is spelled more than one way in press reports and variously referred to as a town or city). Not quite yet, although by tonight IS could be routed. See these reports from FARS, Syrian Army's Heavy Shelling Pins ISIL Terrorists down in Quaryatayn Battlefront and Syrian Army, Popular Forces Inching Closer to Quaryatayn in Homs Province and this report from Sputnik, Syrian Army Takes Control Over Mountain Range Near Al-Qaryatayn

‘Christians Return to Syrian Town’ as Situation Stabilizes
April 2, 2014 - 20:04 GMT

Residents of the Syrian Christian town Sadad in the province of Homs began returning from Europe after stabilization of the situation in their country due to the actions of the Russian air force according to the head of the city of Sadad, Suleiman Al-Khalil.

“Christians who left Syria for Europe began to return to Sadad, as well as to other cities. People believed that the operation of the Russian air force was successful and agreement on the ceasefire is maintained, with peaceful life returning to the country, this is obvious,” Al-Khalil said.

During the crisis in Syria, from the city of Sadad, which has a population of 12 thousand people, around 900 residents left right away. Over the past three months, around ten percent of the refugees have returned. In the near future, the city authorities are ready to take about three hundred inhabitants.

“After the liberation of Palmyra and the surrounding areas including the Christian town of Qaryateyn I decided to restore my poultry farm (which is the largest in Sadad). The city has obtained license for re-opening of three other factories. Everyone is talking about stability and security,” local businessman Mufid al-Sith from Sadad said.

The city of Sadad has both strategic and religious significance. The settlement is located just 14 kilometers from the main highway of Damascus-Homs.

In the northwest of the city on March 16 production of a new oil field started. It will become one of the largest in Syria. Every day, according to the mayor of Sadad, the oil field produces 380,000 cubic meters of natural gas.


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