Saturday, October 27

I'm sorry but Toronto's planned Quayside neighborhood looks dystopian to me

Designed so the CCTV cameras can keep an eye on everyone's hands at all times 

The above is one of the illustrations of the 'conceptual' neighborhood featured in Engadget's unsettling October 26 report, Google’s smart city dream is turning into a privacy nightmare. The report stays focused on privacy issues associated with 'smart' cities, but it's the entire layout of Quayside that gives me the creeps. City planners are designing public spaces that are extensions of modern office and factory layouts, which are better suited to robots than people.  

The only good news I see in this trend is that city planners in Canada have a way to go before they catch up with the literal lunacy that China's city planners exhibit.

China is launching a fake, extra-bright moon to cut the cost of city lights

Just one of several artificial moons China is planning to put into orbit to save on lighting their cities. Of course these moonbat city planners have never heard of light pollution and its dangers, much less the circadian cycle and its crucial importance to all species.


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