Monday, August 19

Pakistanis tried to turn an Indian state into a Muslim-majority nation.

No number of Rawalpindi-orchestrated Renta Rallies in Kashmir can cover up the bald fact that India's government caught Pakistan's hand in the cookie jar. Actually, they were caught decades ago but Delhi has finally done something about it. End of story. 

So I really do wish the Kremlin wouldn't get caught up in attempts by what passes for the International Community to portray what is India's defense of its borders as the Rwandan Genocide.

Delhi could help in this matter by doing something new for a change and being straightforward about its crackdown in Kashmir. Decades spent by Indian politicians pandering to India's Muslim Vote gave Pakistan the opportunity to work no end of mischief in Indian-controlled Kashmir. The result is the mess we see in Kashmir today. Delhi won't straighten out the mess by now attempting to pander to Islamabad's puppet masters.        

As to Jammu -- according to one source at least, who showed video of Ladakhis dancing in the streets, those people are still celebrating Delhi's August 5 decision to revoke the 'special status' for J&K state.  Or as one wit put it, Indians in Ladakh are celebrating their freedom from Sunni rule. (H/T Shadow Warrior.) I should think they're celebrating even more on the hope that Delhi will now actually do something about China's machinations in Ladakh.  

In any case, a note re the video: Twitter wants you to know you will be viewing sensitive material if you look at people dancing in the streets.


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