Saturday, December 8

Obama Benghazi CYA: Zut alors! The fat emir betrayed us!

President Obama's attempt to shut up everyone by making an example of David Petraeus is flagging due to the sheer number of people who are singing about the Benghazi Incident behind closed doors in Washington, the problem being that there is actually no such thing as a tightly closed door in this town. So before the leakers have another field day, on Wednesday the New York Times dutifully threw together a narrative that while explaining the Obama "administration" was somehow in some peripheral way involved in the arming of Libyan terrorist groups, fingers the Emir of Qatar for the lion's share of the blame.

Which is to say that if not for concern in many quarters that Obama has already repeated in Syria the worst mistakes of his Libyan adventure, the Times report would be a nonstory to be filed under 'White House CYA.' Bob Baer spells out the peril in his December 7 column for TIME, If You Thought Benghazi Was Bad, Watch Syria.