Tuesday, January 29

Explosion at nonexistent Iran nuke weapon site confirmed

Regarding John Batchelor's January 28 report Fordo Underground Explosion Confirmed:

Because the Fordo site doesn't exist nobody should worry about the fate of the North Korean military brass who were inspecting it at the time of the explosion. As to how much radiation was leaked from the blast, this is one of the nice things about an explosion at a place that doesn't exist. Reza Khahlili has his sources and I have mine and I can report with authority that any road closures near a place that's a figment of the imagination were due to a parade to celebrate International Carpet Weaving Day.

As to Batchelor's observation, "The event at Fordo is profound and may well change the calculus of the United Nations Security Council in negotiation with Tehran" -- he needs to stop and think: has he ever seen the UNSC and the Flying Dutchman at the same time in the same place? There you go.

Now let's be clear. The only way I'll accept that any part of this fantasy actually happened is if the New York Times reports the explosion was due to the efforts of Barack Obama and the U.S. Department of State under the leadership of Hillary Clinton.