Tuesday, August 30

"This isn't bad policy. This is nuts."

Tucker Carlson in fine form. Quote is from his explanation yesterday that things are falling apart very quickly.  

Friday, August 26

Zuckerberg throws FBI under the bus

Zuckerberg's public admission underscores "The extraordinary connection between social media giants and agencies of the United States government." Quote from The Duran's ten-minute discussion of the bombshell news:

Zuckerberg goes on Rogan [show] and blows apart FBI, laptop, censorship narrative - YouTube


Thursday, August 25

The Duran with Brian Berletic discuss Ukraine and China, U.S. struggle to maintain hegemony

Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan w/Brian Berletic from The New Atlas (Live) - YouTube


Dressed to kill the planet. "The textile industry is the second biggest polluter in the world after oil."

Quote is from an eye opening 40-minute report from Germany's Deutsche Welle:

Fast fashion - The shady world of cheap clothing | DW Documentary - YouTube

It's not that there are too many of us; it's just too many with disposable income, access to credit, and an insatiable desire to keep buying affordable stuff displayed on the internet. This combination creates a staggering level of waste and pollution that surprisingly extends to clothing.  

The DW report explains that the insatiable desire to keep buying is rooted in how the brain works -- a topic of crucial importance to the marketing industry and retail sellers. 


Monday, August 22

"Americans don't understand how bad the situation in Britain and parts of Europe has become."

That's a quote from The Duran's Alexander Mercouris today.

 (Andrei and Larry, both American citizens, reside in the USA.) Americans don't understand because the U.S. news media is greatly downplaying the situation and even ignoring many aspects of it. But there is no question it's becoming dire in Germany, which is Europe's powerhouse economy, and it's already dire in Britain.  

The Duran has been at the forefront in analyzing Europe's spiraling social/economic crises for as long as I've been listening to them, which was since the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

It's a fair guess that the vast majority of Americans also aren't aware of how bad things are for Ukrainians and the country's regime but in this case it's because they have been blatantly and repeatedly lied to by the American government and its military spokespeople, including those at the Pentagon, by so-called academics who purport to analyze Russia and the war in Ukraine, and by virtually all mainstream media reporters on the war.  When they can't lie enough, they suppress information.

The lies go beyond war propaganda; the news media and government have created a kind of Digital Curtain, in the manner of the Soviet Iron Curtain and Maoist China's Bamboo Curtain. Western control of information about the war is just one part of the curtain that has descended on the American people. 

The Duran is an indication that there are holes in the Digital Curtain; the digital era transcends any one country and security regime's ability to impose blanket control. But not without trying.  The attempts to control every aspect of information that relates to politics, economics, and war across such large areas and populations are perhaps the most troubling aspect of this era.

Where is it all heading?  Mercouris, who is based on London, gives an indication when he discusses the growing outrage in Britain as people there wake up to the fact that there never was a Great Kherson Counteroffensive, and that they had been lied to about the actual war situation in Ukraine.  The British government has prided itself in being able to tamp down public outrage, but the war situation has combined with an economic nightmare for the British.

We'll see where it leads, as West Europeans also start to wake up. 


Friday, August 19

Pakistan's twin glacier melt/drought disasters extend far beyond the country

For more than 300 days a year the Indus River no longer reaches the Arabian Sea.  

Temperatures in parts of the country are 55C (131 F)

Very informative report from Singapore government's CNA Insider posted on August 2 of this year:

Tuesday, August 9

Poland buying Ukraine at bargain-basement prices

From Intel Slava Z - August 8:
The main thing from the statement of the press bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service:
▪️Poland is preparing to establish control over the most promising sectors of the Ukrainian economy;
▪️Ukrainian authorities, in fact, have already begun to sell their sectors of the economy to Poland;
▪️Polish companies are buying grain from Ukraine at low prices, dooming Ukrainian enterprises to bankruptcy.

Telegram: Contact @intelslava 

Saturday, August 6

"War at its most overpowering and its most terrible."

Crisis in Donbass, Kiev Officials Say Ukraine Only Capable of Limited Counteroffensive in Kherson - YouTube - Alexander Mercouris

My view is that U.S./NATO tutors gave the Ukranian military such bad training and tactical/strategic advice that it verges on a war crime.