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Wednesday, February 2

Rugby revokes his marriage proposal

"Dear Pundita, I just noticed you removed the Comment section from your posts. Also, the Pundita Prize is now missing from your sidebar. Have you revoked the prize?
Claudia in Taos"

Dear Claudia:
The following deleted comments to earlier Pundita essays help explain why I've suspended the Comment Section and removed mention of the Pundita Prize from the sidebar. Perhaps after he's had time to reflect, or until he finds the Spell Check key, the less said about the prize the better. The Pundita Prize for Excellence in American Journalism is still in effect.

"pundiTa, I, Rugby, figuered out the password in my lab sectons computer so now I can writ you evrey nite if I want except I dont. I am very dissipointed in you. you gived a pundita Prize to belmont club insted of real arthor wretchard the Cat. This is discrimeination. now I see you remove sum mension of your Animal Team from your blog heder and put up puff quote about yourself insted. I thoght you were diferent but you are like all humans, vain, with a puffy head. I would have made you my queen, pondita."[*]


"Dear Ms. Pundita, We note that you have written essays that are sympathetic to Russia and Vladimir Putin, who as you surely know is an ex-KGB operative. We also note that rearranging sentences in letters that you publish from the "Sleepless in St. Louis" reader reveals a coded message disguised as a recipe for bouillabaisse. Please be advised we are watching your blog closely. Have a nice day!"

* "Dear pondiTa,I I really apressiate this. I will not be a rat forever. In my next lifetime I will be a rich handsom nanotesnonongist and make you my queen."

It's struck me that he always manages to hit the Caps key when typing his name but for no one else. Yet he lectures Pundita about vanity. We're best rid of this suitor in his next lifetime and all subsequent ones.
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