Tuesday, May 17

Catching up and wising up

Steve Cohen reported last night on John Batchelor's show that he's looking for a verdict today in the Khordokovsky trial; if the verdict comes, it will coincide with the showdown in the Senate between George Galloway and the Senate committee investigating the Oil for Food graft. Both events will have far-reaching global consequences.

If you missed Monday's Winds of War Briefing (compiled by Bill Roggio at The Fourth Rail and evariste at Discarded Lies ), Pundita advises you visit their most recent weekly roundup on war-related stories from around the world. Many events are converging in June, so you might want bone up now on war news before you find yourself trying to play catch-up.

Tip: Take special note during the coming weeks of official US statements/publicized intelligence reports about China.

Also, Bill Roggio is following and linking to data about the unfolding Newsweek debacle. See his essays on the topic and links to other good essays (e.g., Belmont Club blogs) on the same.

And if you have time, the RUSNET encylopedia biographies of Alexander Voloshin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Hat Tip: John Batchelor's website ) will help you sort through the complexities of deeply entrenched corruption in Russia's government and the US Senate's investigation of the Oil for Food Program.

To help put Voloshin's career and vast power in context, realize that the billions of USD looted from the Oil for Food Program are a drop in the bucket, compared with the billions looted from Russia during the decade following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Yet Voloshin was hailed as a "liberal democrat" by Washington officials and congressionals and seen as a martyr when Putin fired him. It's to be hoped that the revelations coming out of the Oil For Food investigation will finally wise up Washington and the American public.


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