Tuesday, October 9

John Batchelor scoops MSM. So what's new?

Sunday night the John Batchelor Show, just returned to the airwaves, broke the news that Obelisk is the name of al Qaeda's extranet and discussed the significance of the US government's penetration of Obelisk.

Today The Washington Post and New York Sun tried to play catch-up with Batchelor. Now the fast-moving story has grown more legs than a centipede because the mainstream media has -- crazily -- spun the story as an intelligence blunder by the US government.

To learn where the story has galloped, you can start with the posts at Riehl World View and Jawa Report.

The John Batchelor Show is the listening post. Stay tuned. The show airs for three hours Sunday night starting at 7:00 PM Eastern time on WABC in New York, then at 7:00 PM Pacific time rolls into another three hours on superstation KFI in Los Angeles. This past Sunday the shows had different guests. The six hour marathon can be heard live at WABC and KFI websites.

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