Tuesday, December 16


I am leaving the blogosphere until after the New Year; I will check back in on January 3.

Four posts up today; one from John Batchelor, two from Steve Diamond, and the transcript from a spectacular 60 Minutes segment on the next wave of mortgage defaults and the larger consequences, which is crossposted at RBO* (Bonus prize; I've added Jim Sinclair's thoughts on where gold is headed in the face of the coming maelstrom to the Meltdown post.)

John, Steve, and RBO are staying on the Blagojevich scandal and other matters related to the President-select, so you might want to check in with them once a day.

Best regards to all,

* Duncan Appointment as Education Secretary: Dr Diamond writes, "Obama Disappoints Family Friend Ayers"

Blagojevich hires the Devil's Advocate (Aside to readers outside U.S. shores: Welcome to the real American political scene)

Mortgages Meltdown: The Second Wave

The Senate for Sale Scandal: Balanoff-Obama and Balanoff-Blagojevich ties

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