Wednesday, February 22


I'm inching my way toward the end of the next Pundita essay to be published. I estimate another 15 to 30 minutes not counting proofing. But now as so often happens to me when the end is in sight, I need a break. Why does my brain do this? Why does it sit down so often just before crossing the finish line and say, 'Waaaaah. Me tired. Me can't take another step.'

Never mind; it's a rhetorical question. Anyhow, then I must take care of some business. Giving myself a cushion of a few hours I'll say ETA would be 4:00 PM ET. No, better still, make it 7:00 PM and I'll hope for 5. Until whenever,

Best regards to all,


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Madhu said...

I'm like that, too. I suppose as long as you are not at the end, it's still an unfinished project but when you get to the end you realize, "oh crap, I'm going to put this thing out there and people will read it, aren't I?"

I dunno. My flights of fancy these days. The intellectual break has been good for me though. Feel intellectually refreshed whenever I stay away from the internet for a bit.