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Tuesday, August 7

Current State of U.S.-Pakistan relations, Screwball Comedy edition

I thought you were killing Pakistan Taliban in Afghanistan.
No, you idiot, I'm killing Afghan Taliban in Pakistan. You're supposed to kill Pakistan Taliban in Afghanistan.
Wait a minute. If I'm killing Pakistan Taliban in Afghanistan and you're killing Afghan Taliban in Pakistan, who's killing Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan?
Okay. Let's forget about Taliban. Let's kill Haqqanis.
No, first we have to kill Tehreek-e-Taliban. 
Do we kill them in Pakistan or Afghanistan?   

You don't want to know how many articles I've plowed through during the past week that are about speculations on whether Pakistan's military will finally go after the Haqqani Network.  But there is mounting pressure from the U.S. Congress, which is currently in recess, for something to be done about the Haqqanis and the Pakistan military's reluctance to take them on.

The picture will be clearer in September.

My dear [if I may] it's quite clear now. You're simply unable to accept what you have already processed.

It could be worse.

You could actually be at war under these conditions. It's quite trying.

You think in Iraq we didn't have screwball comedy? Look up Meran. They're our main cement maker - T-Walls for blast protection...and such.

They're Iranian.
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