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Wednesday, August 22

The new Riehl World View

Dan Riehl has redesigned his blog! The home page looks like the front page of a newspaper; it's really cool, and super-organized. He got help from two website developers but the input was all his, including the fancy banner. Those thinking of upgrading their blog design might be interested in reading his discussion of how he did it.

Dan's been blogging for eight years; I wish him many more years on the blogosphere because he's one of the good guys. He's a political conservative but he's also a straight dealer. This makes his blog valuable to people trying to see through the smoke blown by spin doctors. He calls it like he sees it, and whenever  this angers agendists who want him to toe the party line, he couldn't care less.

I'll take this opportunity to thank Dan for linking to my August 17 post (Al Qaeda in Syria and the mass marketing of civilian Syrian massacres for Western TV), then carrying it over to his new blog as a front page feature. In that post I pieced together important information that the mainstream media will not touch, and I think Dan recognized that.

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