Friday, May 9

YIKES!! Glenn Greenwald to release avalanche of NSA documents on the same day his book is published!

Luckily the people at Engadget read stuff all the way down to the last words:
Scroll to the bottom of Glenn Greenwald's blistering response to recent remarks by just-retired NSA chief Keith Alexander, and you'll find some very interesting news indeed.

Greenwald ... says he plans to publish previously unpublished NSA documents online next Tuesday, May 13th, with free access. The timing, it should be known, is not a coincidence: Greenwald's book, No Place to Hide, comes out that day. In fact, the documents that going online next week are ones he mentions in the book, but which weren't previously reported in the press.
[fanning herself] So much excitement. I think I need a thimbleful of sherry to steady my nerves. Maybe two thimblefuls [sloshing sherry into a margarita glass] Well, at least we now know almost for certain that the book is actually being published on the 13th.  I notice that the publisher has sat on advance copies, so unless some are released this week, I think that would mean reviewers can't 'spin' the book to the public before it's published.   Heh.


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