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Friday, March 18

Shut down NATO before those skanks get us all killed

NATO welcomes closer ties with the Gulf Cooperation Council; March 18, 2016;NATO press release
At a special session of the North Atlantic Council, Mr. Stoltenberg welcomed the Gulf Cooperation Council’s important role in contributing to regional stability ...
U.N. says Saudi-led bombing of Yemeni market may be international crime; March 18; 2016; Reuters

Germany: House of Saud Destabilizing Middle East; December 8, 2015; Financial Tribune

Lockheed Martin, Boeing Rally Around Saudi Arabia; Wave Off Humanitarian Concerns; October 23, 2015; The Intercept
Representatives from two major defense contractors whose advanced weaponry is being used in the Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign that has killed scores of civilians in Yemen were quick to defend the human rights record of the Persian Gulf kingdom in a panel discussion held last week in Washington, D.C.
Ronald L. Perrilloux Jr., an executive with Lockheed Martin, complained of an atmosphere of “hostile media reports” shaping the views of Congress, most of which, he said, are “patently false.”
“Another significant irritant,” Perrilloux said, “is the application of human rights laws” toward U.S. allies in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.
Come to think of it, NATO isn't the only entity that needs to be shut down to save the human race from wrack and ruin.


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