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Wednesday, June 27

Do SouthFront and AMN use the same mapmaker? Plus, Al-Lijaat now rat-free

AMN's Complete map update of southwest Syria battle

Got all that? Oh look! No map:
Syrian military claims victory over ISIS along Iraqi border (video)
June 27, 2018
BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have liberated an area along the south-western border with Iraq, close to the city of Al Bukamal, from Islamic State (IS; formerly known as ISIS, ISIL) militants on Monday.
Footage shows troops, artillery and tanks on manoeuvres. One army unit planted a Syrian flag in the ground as a symbol of their victory.
What other war news before I hit the sack ..... Say, let's go visit Leith's dad; he always has such a lovely way with words:

By Ziad Fadel

15 hours ago
Syrian Perspective

In the latest news from the Southern Front, which now includes Qunaytra, Der’ah and Suwaydaa`, the Syrian Army and its allies have been rolling over huge swathes of territory once controlled by Obama’s murdering psychopaths.
Today, we can confirm the total liberation of Basr Al-Hareer and Mulayhaat Al-‘Atash which effectively surrounds all terrorists in the Al-Lijaat area and connects the SAA’s forces in both Suwaydaa` and Der’ah.
Yesterday, June 25, 2018, the SAA was active in Western Suwaydaa` and Der’ah’s Al-Lijaat region.
That region is known for its difficult terrain and caves where terrorists could hide. No more. 
After pounding the area with rockets from the air, the Syrian Army and (believe it or not) elements of the FSA, which agreed to amnesty and to fight with the government, killed over 70 rodents belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda at Hawsh Hammaad, Al-Mujaddida, Haamaan, Al-Mudawwara and Jadal. 
Also, the SAA and its allies destroyed 3 armored cars, 14 4-wheel-drive flatbeds with 23mm cannons and 11 trucks without losing a single soldier. It can now be said with confidence that the Al-Lijaat Area is completely rat-free.
He's just getting warmed up. 



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