Saturday, November 24

The desertification of Spain and Iceland and Iceland's quest to reclaim its deserts

In both cases the desertification is greatly due to human actions.

But how? How can most of Iceland, a land with so much water, be desert? The answer is staggering. As to Spain, I have no words for what is happening to the land. Perhaps the Spaniards and all the rest of us can learn from the example set by the Icelanders. No people have devoted themselves more to reclaiming their land.

The stories go back and forth between Spain and Iceland for the length of the documentary, published at YouTube in May 2017. It is part two of two-part series titled Destroyers of CivilizationFrom the introduction at the YouTube page:
According to estimates of the United Nations, more than 2.6 billion people in 110 countries are directly affected by progressive desertification. Deserts now cover more than a third of the entire surface of the earth, thus 65% of arable lands. More than three billion cattle, sheep and goats chomp their way through pastures faster than they can be regenerated. This program shows how desertification is changing the balance of the earth and affecting two continents in particular: Asia and Europe.

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