Sunday, November 28

You stupid. No, you stupid. You stupider. No, you stupider. No. . .

The very powerful Jiang Zemin was "asked" to resign from chairmanship of the Chinese Military Command by defense minister General Cao Gangchuan. Jiang might been spared the request and thus, the loss of Face, if he'd not instructed that an officer with a phony college degree be listed in the CMC roster above Cao, who has at least one college degree.

That's the Chinese Communist Party in a nutshell, these days. Class warfare has broken out between the under-educated and the highly educated. So now we have three awfully serious questions before us:

(1) Was there anything in addition to class warfare behind Zemin's fall from favor with the Shanghai Gang?

(2) Does Cao's consolidation of his power, which happened mid-September, signal a sea change in Beijing's support of Tehran's war on Israel and/or US forces in Iraq?

(3) Is there a direct connection between Jiang's exit and Kim Jong-il's recent family troubles and extreme reclusiveness?

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