Tuesday, January 11

Is American journalism experiencing Salman Rushdie Syndrome, or what?

(Thank you Bill Roggio at the fourth rail.) Monday's Winds of War briefing picked up the Reporters Without Borders report on torture of imprisoned Iranian bloggers. The briefing also carries a link to a Human Rights Watch report via the Iran Press News site. The first paragraph of the report:

"(New York, January 6, 2005) -- After testifying to a presidential commission about their torture during detention, a group of Iranian journalists have received death threats from judicial officials under Tehran chief prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi, Human Rights Watch said today."

Take note: that's an American presidential commission. Pundita can understand that the lily-livered American feminist movement lives in terror of the mullathugs--but the American news profession? American Op-ed writers, print news editors and TV news production teams please SPEAK UP LOUDER.

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