Friday, February 4

Is Banfsheh Zand-Bonazzi actually Michael Graham in drag?

Anyone who has caught Zand-Bonazzi's appearances on the John Batchelor show will sense that a media star is in the making. Ms. Zand-Bonazzi is the editor of Iran Press News , which publishes reports on Iran that the mainstream Western news tend to studiously ignore. But one needs to hear her comments on the old-boy colonialist powers now sucking up to the Tehran tyrants to realize she's missed her calling.

Clearly, Zand-Bonazzi is in possession of a Sahib-0-Meter in excellent working condition. And if she was a Scottish American male working in talk radio she'd be Michael Graham . Graham, a self-described Southern Redneck Conservative Republican, has too much Scottish wit to let any authority off easy, including his own wife ("The Warden"). However, Graham doesn't risk his life every time he speaks on the air, which can't be said for the courageous Ms. Zand-Bonazzi.

Unfortunately, Iran Press News doesn't publish Zand-Bonazzi's very informative "insider gossip" observations about doings in Iran, which she provides for Batchelor's listeners. For those who missed last night's broadcast, she reported that taxi drivers in Iran demand in English to know the nationality of foreigners hailing their cabs. If the answer is "American," the cabbies exclaim, "Welcome! Get in!"

If the answer is any nationality among the Axis of Weasel nations (Germany, Britain, France, Russia, China, etc.) sucking up to the Tehran mullathugs, the cabbies tell them, "Go away!" and refuse to give them a ride.

John Batchelor's advice to Axis of Weasel nationals trying to hail cabs in Iran: Practice an American accent and remember it's no longer the "Brooklyn" Dodgers.

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