Tuesday, March 29

"Where is your Pundita is not Wonkette post??" Note to Reader

Pundita has a bad habit of treating her blog posts as if they were drafts, which means regular readers know to snap up a copy of a post they plan to return to before it vanishes or undergoes major revision.

I think we have finally learned our lesson; yesterday two blogs (The Glittering Eye and Zenpundit) linked to "Pundita is not Wonkette" essay and made interesting comments. However, their readers would have quickly discovered the essay was not at the published link. I'd decided that I'd stuffed too much into one writing and thus deleted it, unaware until hours later that I'd upset the blogosphere ecosystem. My apology for the confusion this caused.

The original essay is now split into two. The material Zenpundit and Glittering Eye discuss is now under the title How do you run a government when the voters are smarter than you? Material that refers to a critic's comments and Romania remains under the original title Pundita is not Wonkette.


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