Friday, May 4

Not exactly the wrong stereotype

"The wrong sterotype:
The Chinese can pronounce the "l" sound just fine, thank you very much. The Japanese don't have it in their language which is why they have trouble with it.

Dear Anonymous:
Thanks for your comment. I am aware that the "l" pronunciation problem is with the Japanese language. (I am also aware that it's been a long time since Chinese diplomats used "me" in place of "I" in their communications.) I should have taken time to come up with real Chinese Pidgin or at least explain my falling back on Japanese Pidgin.

My only defense is that after decades of pent-up frustration with Beijing's Professional Cute routine in their international relations communications I collapsed in laughter when I read the Stratfor analysis. Then I thought of how the Japanese must also feel about China finally getting into a much-deserved hotseat and rushed the thought into a post.

Now I go to prant -- plant -- that rosebush.

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