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What is this, "We've Noticed Our Western Civilization is in Grave Danger" week?

This writing is in memory of Peter Melin.

Crikey; what's going on? Did Binky spend last weekend airlifting copies of America Alone into Europe? News related to freedom of speech and defense of Western values has snowballed across Europe this past week. This on top of encouraging news out of Canada on the free speech front, which I addressed in my last post. We'll start with the most astonishing news:
February 14 - Britain has become a “soft touch” for home grown terrorists because ministers have failed to tackle immigrant communities that refuse to integrate, warns a report released today.

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a body of the country’s leading military and diplomatic figures, says the loss of British values and national identity caused by “flabby and bogus” Government thinking has made the country vulnerable to attack from Islamic extremists. [...] MI5 estimates that there are currently about 2,000 active terror supporters in Britain.

“Misplaced” policies on multiculturalism have failed to “lay down the line” to immigrants, leading to a fragmented society opposed by “implacable” terrorist enemies, the report says.

The stark warning - which comes just days after the Archbishop of Canterbury was plunged into a row over the adoption of sharia, or Islamic law, in Britain - will embarrass the Government.

RUSI, whose patron is the Queen, is one of the most respected and long-established defence research organisations in the world. BEEP BEEP BEEP
What is that sound? BEEP BEEP BEEP. Excuse me while I investigate.... That's odd; it's the Serpentine Jabber Decoder. There's nothing serpentine about the language of the RUSI report so I can't imagine what set it off. I changed the batteries just the other BEEP BEEP BEEP day. Let me go put it in the closet.... Now where were we?
Gordon Brown, who is due to unveil his national security policy next week, has described the [RUSI] think-tank as “leading the debate about homeland security and global terrorism”. [...]

“The UK presents itself as a target, as a fragmenting, post-Christian society,” the report says, and is “increasingly divided” on its history, national aims, values and political identity.

“That fragmentation is worsened by the firm self-image of those elements within it who refuse to integrate.”

The report places most of the blame for this on a “lack of leadership from the majority, which, in misplaced deference to ‘multiculturalism’, failed to lay down the line to immigrant communities, thus undercutting those within them trying to fight extremism”.

“The country’s lack of self-confidence is in stark contrast to the implacability of its Islamist terrorist enemy, within and without.

“We look like a soft touch. We are indeed a soft touch, from within and without.”

The report also accuses ministers of “flabby and bogus strategic thinking” which has led to public money being spent in “perverse ways”.

“All this has contributed to a more severe erosion of the links of confidence and support between the British people, their government and Britain’s security and defence forces, than for many years," it says.
Read more of the report here. (H/T Bookworm Room.)

The amount of unvarnished truth-telling in the RUSI report is astound -- BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Oh for crying out loud. Let me pass the gizmo over the report; maybe that'll shut it up. Give me a minute to fiddle with the dials and get a readout....

BEEP! Plain English Translation of Royal United Services Institute Report:


Well well well. Come to think of it, Britain's government has been aware for more than a decade that Britain is the terrorist haven capital of the world. And they've known for just as long that British culture has been going down the drain. So why indeed would they choose this moment to wring their hands over well-established facts?

Well, people have been warning Nick Griffin that he needed to make the BNP platform more inclusive and ditch his equivocation about the Holocaust. He dragged his feet. So now the party is not ready for the flood of Britons wanting to join the BNP since news broke a few weeks ago that the British government was paying out welfare to Muslim polygamists, and since the Archbishop of Canterbury's discussion of Sharia

Nick should have gotten the message last year when people of many different ethnic heritages began demanding to join the British Heritage ONLY party. Actually, I think he did expand the platform to allow Jews of European heritage to join.

But there are a lot of people not of British heritage residing in Britain who want to live with British values and don't want to be overrun by immigrants who have no liking for those values.

If the decoder is right, the Queen was just quicker than Nick to see the implications of the news during the past month. To be more precise, maybe she was quicker to realize that unless the Tories, Labor, and Liberals defend British values, it was only a matter of short time before the BNP, or a slightly more moderate spinoff, swept the government from power.

Whatever the motive for the RUSI report, it's now up to government to deliver on the findings. If they drag their feet or only apply a fig leaf, they should realize that sooner or later Griffin is going to expand the BNP platform or get someone in the party to make that step for him.

Once that happens it's bye-bye business as usual in Parliament. Bye-bye British membership in the EU. Curtains for the government's dream of making Britain the world capital of Islamic banking. And all attempts, fair and foul, to quash the BNP will be swept aside by the rising tide of history and a whole lot of furious and very desperate Britons.

We're all adults here, so I shouldn't need to spell out what the rising tide means. However, just to make sure we're on the same page: the BNP is the soul of liberalism next to what's waiting in the wings.

I feel sure that every member of Britain's Parliament, with the possible exception of the Archbishop of Canterbury, has read the May 2007 (London) Times Online report
The British National Party Gains Strength. However, that report was written before a Briton who is not a fascist, not a White Supremacist, not a neo-Nazi, had to flee his ancestral homeland because he dared speak up to defend British values.

I am talking about the blogger known as Lionheart, who had criminal charges leveled against him -- and for what? Because he's just an ordinary bloke who cried that his nation was being methodically destroyed by his government? Because he's not a good writer and rattles on about the situation in Luton?

All right then; perhaps the esteemed Members of Parliament would prefer a more literary rendering of Lionheart's claims about Luton. They can read Kashmir United: A Peek Into a Luton Ghetto. The piece is written by Zarrar Said, who is in serious danger of being labeled Pakistan's Tom Wolfe. Luckily he was only a brief visitor to Britain, so he could describe what he experienced in Luton without fear of landing in a British prison.

Or perhaps the Members would prefer a more abstract summary of the situation, which was eloquently delivered by Mark Steyn, the author of America Alone, and who also resides outside the reach of British criminal law:
... I said a while back that I thought Britain was in danger of turning into Somalia with chip shops, that it’s a country that I think has been hollowed out by Islamism in many ways.

What is particularly tragic about Britain is it’s a country that didn’t fall for any of the other great evils of the 20th Century, for fascism or communism. It’s a country that has probably contributed more in terms of its ideas to civilization in the world. That’s why there are over fifty English speaking countries; that is why English common law can be found all over the world; English ideas, Westminster parliamentary system. The dominant powers in every corner of the world, the United States, South Africa, Australia, India, descended from Britain. And the death of Britain, the sort of suicide of Britain, is a tragedy to watch.
With Mr Steyn's observations in mind, Members of Parliament should re-read the 2007 Times report on the BNP -- and this time plow through the 360+ letters the Times Online received in response. The Members will note that the first letter simply states:
Im a sikh and I'm voting BNP!
David Singh, Slough, England
And note the letter from Priya:
i am a british sikh who was born here and my uncle fought 4 this country..if nick griffin were to be mp would he send home sikhs..or what about asians who are christians? we havnt done anything wrong!
priya, london, middlesex
Next, study the BNP mission statement and ask yourselves how easy it would be to revise it to address the concerns of Priya and many Brits like her.

To return to astounding developments -- I know that for some time the Danes have been putting up quite a fight to defend their culture but they really came out swinging this past week. Three Danish newspapers republished the famous Mohammed Bomb-in-Turban cartoon, as their answer to the terrorist murder plot by some Muslims against the Dane who created the cartoon.

And Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen launched a volley:
"... the government takes an attack on freedom of expression very seriously. In Denmark there is freedom not only to think and say what you what you want, but also to draw whatever you want. The government will stand guard around the liberty of free speech, which is the very foundation of a free democracy.”
But this is the Danes; the jaw dropper is that a Swedish newspaper published one of the Mohammed cartoons in solidarity with Danish stand on free speech. True, the editor-in-chief, Peter Melin, died the next day at work -- and let's not have any tasteless jokes about black magic being deployed by multicultural officials. Considering this is Sweden we're talking about -- the bastion of bastions of multiculturalism -- it's a miracle the editor was able to publish the cartoons.

To add shock upon shock, in Norway -- another multiculti bastion -- journalists on NRK (the national state-sponsored
television network) have been given official permission to show the Danish Mohammed cartoons as their way of supporting freedom of expression against the forces of terrorism.

Then yesterday -- after The New York Times wasted much copy by treating the Archbishop of Canterbury with kid gloves -- the International Herald Tribune, wholly owned by the NYT but headquartered in Paris, blew the lid off. An op-ed, written Mona Eltahawy, a female Egyptian Muslim journalist raised Saudi Arabia, is the most damning indictment to date of the archbishop's comments about Sharia. Spray fire retardant around your computer before clicking on the IHT link because Eltahawy flames Rowan Williams.

What a week, eh? Say, maybe Feb 11-15 should be internationally celebrated every year as Mark Steyn Week or Peter Melin Week.

Speaking of Steyn, I hope the attorneys for Maclean's magazine are clipping all these articles to produce at the BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing in June. The respondents should arrive at the hearing with a caravan of trucks in tow -- trucks loaded with cartons of news clippings that support statements in Steyn's The Future Belongs to Islam.

They should make a media event out of the unloading of the trucks. That would pound home Kenneth Whyte's point that by publishing Steyn's article, Maclean's was simply bringing the Canadian public up to speed on matters of global import.

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