Sunday, August 24

Catching up with Marc Lemire

Marc sent word last night that the dates have been set for closing arguments in his constitutional challenge to Section 13:

September 15-17, starting at 9:30 AM.

At this point (one never knows with the Canadian Human Rights Commission) the hearing will be open to the public.

So if you'd like to attend to give Marc moral support and be a witness to important history in the never-ending battle for freedom of speech -- or if you would just love to see the CHRC "exposed as spies, thought police, hate posters and political censors," as Marc puts it with relish, here's the address for the hearing room:

Quality Hotel & Executive Suites
Northampton Room 754
Bronte Road
Oakville, Ontario

More information about the case will be released closer to the hearing. Watch Marc's FreedomSite for details.

Also, on August 10, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada ruled in Marc Lemire’s favor with regard to a Privacy Act complaint and chastised the Canadian Human Rights Commission for improperly withholding information. See here for the juicy details.

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