Saturday, October 25

Aaron Klein's warnings to McCain and Obama about Hamas

My favorite Middle East correspondent, Aaron Klein, the Jerusalem bureau chief for World Net Daily and a regular John Batchelor Show guest, will be on Fox Cable tomorrow at 12:30 PM Eastern time.

He'll be discussing the exclusive interview he did on John Batchelor's show last Sunday with Hamas political chief Ahmed Yousef. This was the interview in which Yousef praised Joe Biden, invited Obama to Gaza and explained how an Obama/Biden administration would help end his terror group's international isolation. He'll also discuss the ramifications of an Obama administration for the Middle East.

Aaron will also put in an appearance tomorrow on John's show at 9:20 PM Eastern (schedule always subject to change). They'll be discussing Hamas, including an odd remark by Ahmed Yousef that Hamas is in communication with the Bush administration.

Here's the link for the rest of John's show schedule for tomorrow night. The show, airing in New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco, can be heard online.

Readers who are unfamiliar with Aaron's reporting might want to check out this review by Samuel Scott of Aaron's 2007 book, Schmoozing with Terrorists, which links to an excerpt from the book.

Scott has criticisms of the book: he thinks it would be better without Aaron inserting his political views. But the criticisms only serve to underline Scott's praise for the meat of Schmoozing:
[...] Two parts of Klein’s book were most intriguing. The Palestinian terrorists who are interviewed in Klein’s book state that they are not targeting Israelis simply out of anti-Semitism or opposition to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. The Islamic extremists are reportedly waging one battle there in a worldwide war — from Israel to America to Europe – to establish Islamic supremacy. The Jewish state is simply what happens to be in their way in the Middle East.

In addition, suicide bombers and their recruiters state that they are killing Israeli civilians in that manner not as a result of a demeaning occupation and a lack of conventional military might, but merely because so-called martyrdom is the best way to gain God’s favor in heaven. [...]
It is very important to pay attention to Aaron's reporting, no matter where you are on the political spectrum, because the Islamists are not clowning around.

Both U.S. presidential candidates and their advisors need to realize that the U.S. Department of State under Condoleezza Rice has been dangerously naive in their approach to the Palestinian situation. A little less time listening to the British foreign office and a little more time listening to Aaron Klein would be a big help.

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