Sunday, March 22

Breaking News: President Obama's filming for cameo role in 24 will not interfere with his appearance on American Idol

A White House spokesperson announced that President Barack Obama will appear in the final episode of this season's 24 as Maj. "Chuck" Harrison, who reads the eulogy at the memorial service for Bill Buchanan.

The spokesman noted that the President had just wrapped up successful appearances on the Jay Leno Show, 60 Minutes and town hall meetings in California, and that he was preparing for his guest appearance on American Idol on Monday.

'It will a brief appearance, to wish the remaining contestants well and explain to the Idol audience that he had no ill will for Simon Cowell by likening him to the U.S. Congress.'

When a Reuters reporter asked for comment on the rumor that President Obama will be a contestant on next season's Dancing With the Stars, the spokesperson replied, "No comment at this time," but added that the President's agent was currently in negotiation with an as-yet unnamed production company for a minor part for the President in a remake of Hawaii Five-0.

As to the President's media engagements for April, the spokesperson said that aside from the weekly radio broadcasts, 50 town hall meetings, an appearance Dr. Phil, Live with Regis and Kelly, 60 Minutes, The View, two appearances on Meet the Press and a talk show in Tehran, the President's schedule is open.

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Anonymous said...

It is hilarious to see the President of any nation, and especially a nation such as the US, with a gazillion problems bearing down on it, appearing on a comedy show.

But then everything about this administration has been slapstick comedy, especially Messers Geithner and Biden ... and now the big man himself. Bravo!

Good luck America ... it was nice-ish knowing you.