Saturday, June 13

Ahmadinejad returned to office by wide margin: Pasdaran's referendum on Obama's daffy Cairo speech and Middle East advisors

It's official: Pasdaran rule Iran. Now we look for purges: prison and disappearances for clerics who tried to unseat Maddy; Qods Forces going after ringleaders among supporters for the opposition.

The Pasdaran have sprung this kind of trap so many times before you'd think that Teheran's intelligentsia would have wised up by now. But they keep being lulled into the fantasy that there's a democratic process in Iran; that's because they listen to the BBC.

Then like a fool Obama listened to the Tehran intelligentsia. So then it was off to Cairo so he could take credit for the great triumph of the opposition's presidential win in Iran.

The only suspense in all this is whether Bibi will be able to deliver his speech without doubling up in laughter.

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