Tuesday, October 18


D -- Please believe me when I tell you that the data you're sending and your comments are much appreciated and I hope you'll continue. It's just that through diligent procrastination over a period of many months I managed to convert a few personal matters from molehills into mountains, so I am now fully engaged with scaling the heights.

I'd hoped to return to blogging and studying reports by this past weekend, but I was overly optimistic. I'm now thinking that the end of the month is a more realistic estimate as to when I can find time to gear up the analytical part of my brain again.

It's just occurred to me that I should tell Pundita readers what I've told you. I note with surprise that the last entry on the blog was the 1st of October. How time flies when one is dealing with the wages of procrastination! Yes, it would be a good idea to let my readers know I'm still hanging out in this realm. :-))

Best regards,

And best regards to all Pundita readers, and with an apology for not explaining earlier about my sudden silence.

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